Collaborative platform allowing the purchase and sale of discounted health products that have reached their expiration date

TriMed’s history

  1. Idea, project then company
  2. Born in 2020
  3. In the Mediterranean
  4. By a Pharmacist

I have worked in many pharmacies in the city, in the countryside, in the mountains and on the seashore, in shopping malls, overseas and abroad.

Thanks to my experience and the diversity of the profiles I have met, I will be able to satisfy the needs and expectations of my clients and build their loyalty.
Surrounded by my associates, friends, family and children.

TriMed’s refers to the action of sorting one’s own medicines in the manner of selective sorting.

3 entities are necessary for this collaborative economy in the medical field: Brotherhood between pharmacists

  • Integrity
  • Reliability

These human values must be shared by all, this is what makes the strength of a group.

The cohesion of a company is similar to that of a family: kindness, good humor and trust contribute to well-being at work.
Perseverance, rigor, creativity and of course hard work are vectors for the development of the company.
I wanted to talk about human values, in a world in perpetual evolution, which seem to me to be essential, before talking about the values of the company.

I want the waste of health products to have as much impact as the waste of food, because humans die every day for lack of health care.
It is up to us to think about preserving our future for our descendants and the children of the world, in an eco-citizen approach.
A collective awareness must contribute to reduce the carbon footprint and the warming of our planet.

Currently, customers bring back expired products to pharmacies, which are put in Cyclamed boxes, sent to wholesaler-distributors, and then destroyed with a special procedure to make energy: heat or electricity, what do you think?

Moreover, many French people do not bring back unused medicines with the end of humanitarian recycling in 2009. Gone are the days when these products could be used in other countries.

I do not wish to deplore the current state of the situation, but rather to provide the tools that will encourage us to really look into the issue of expired products in pharmacies, to give ourselves the tools to be investigators.

My conviction is to extend the life span by reusing health products, avoiding destruction and incineration.

Thank you for your commitment to the circular economy.

Our values

  • Ecology

    Promote an economy of functionality / collaboration

  • Human

    Strengthening of the social link and collective awareness

  • Mutual Aid

    Reuse of healthcare products

TriMed’s concept

  1. I log in or register

    Access your marketplace to find your expiring health products at discounted prices

  2. I put medicines online, or I buy some

    Sell all your unsold products, reduce your stocks, and above all make money in an environmental approach.
    Buy cheaper all your products, access all the products and especially earn money in an environmental approach

  3. I fight against waste

    I validate my cart: I avoid the destruction and incineration of health products, I do something for the planet

  • Without subscription
  • Without commitment
  • Always unbeatable prices

Choice of service providers in an eco-citizen approach

Welcome to TriMed’s

"Between the past where our memories are and the future where our hopes are, there is the present where our duties are."
Henri Lacordaire

Pharmacists, what are you waiting for?