Frequently asked questions


How to register on the platform?

To register on the TriMed’s collaborative platform, you just have to click on the persona icon circled in the menu and then click on "Log in" or "Register" on the home page. You must then fill in the requested information and validate your email. The confirmation of the registration is done by an administrator of the site to validate your information. Please note that you must have a valid RPPS number to prove that you are a pharmacist.

What if I do not have a valid RPPS number?

Then you cannot prove that you are a pharmacist and cannot register on the site. TriMed’s is a collaborative platform for pharmacists only.

Do I have to register with my pharmacy name?

You do not have to register with the name of your pharmacy but with a nickname that you use for the site.

What documents do I need to provide to the platform?

Kbis (certificate of incorporation) and identity card will be requested before any purchase and putting online of product.

I did not receive a validation email, is this normal?

Make sure that the email you entered in the form is valid and wait a few minutes. Sometimes the reception on some mailboxes is a bit longer. Make sure the email is not in your spam folder. If you really don’t receive an email, please contact a TriMed’s consultant by going to the "Contact" page of the site.

How much does it cost?

No account opening fees, no commitment, no subscription.
However, shipping and handling fees will be charged for each transaction.

Setting up your account and adding products

How do I add my bank details?

Once your registration is validated, configure your account by clicking on the link in the confirmation email. Once in your personal area, go to the "Settings" tab and then "Payment" to fill in your bank details.

How to add a product on the platform?

To add a product on the platform, you must go to your personal area and then on the tab "Products" and "Add". We have made a video tutorial detailing the platform and how to add a product that you can see here.


Where to see the orders?

You can view your orders directly in your personal area by clicking on the "Orders" tab. Feel free to watch our video tutorial to get familiar with your personal area.

How to change the status of an order?

By going directly to your personal area, tab "Orders" then click on the order and change the status to "Ready to ship". You can see our video tutorial to better understand and get familiar with your personal area right here.

How to prepare a parcel?

You will receive an email from the platform with the transport label and the transfer certificate. It is up to you to prepare the parcel carefully and to protect it as much as possible, with a suitable box, for your colleague. The transport label is to be affixed on the parcel.
The certificate of transfer is to be placed inside the parcel, guaranteeing the traceability of the health products.


The buyer has chosen delivery by DHL, should I contact them to pick up the parcel?

You just have to prepare the parcel, print and stick the ticket for the sending. The platform takes care of collecting the parcel at your address.

How long will it take and what will the price be?

Order before 6pm: collection the next day and delivery D+1: €12.07 (excluding tax) with signature

Which products?

All health products except aerosols, narcotics, temperature-controlled medicines.

To where?

France, Corsica, French coastal islands, French Overseas Departments and Territories. Contact us for the supplement with your geographical address.

I have products to be delivered that are subject to the cold chain, is this possible?

Yes, it is possible thanks to our carrier BioLogistic from Chronopost which delivers your health products under controlled temperature.

Ah, that’s great:

How long will it take and what will the price be?

Collection the day after the order (before 6pm) for a delivery in D+1: €44.56 (excluding tax)
Not included: fuel surcharge depending on geographical distance
Included: insurance up to €15,000 / parcel, €12 (excluding tax) minimum

To where?

France, Corsica, French coastal islands, French Overseas Departments and Territories. Contact us for the supplement with your geographical address.

I did not receive my delivery, who can I contact?

Contact the platform directly for any delivery problem, by going to the contact page or directly by email to

My delivery arrived damaged or incomplete, what can I do?

Contact the platform directly or send an email to to notify the incident. Do not hesitate to attach photos of the damaged parcel in your email.

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