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  • TriMed's sur Monacoinfo

    TriMed's sur le JT de 19h de Monaco info - 05/04/22

    Nous voilà, encore une fois, sous les projecteurs de Monacoinfo qui a mis durant quelques minutes l'accent sur notre activité et ses perspectives d'évolution

  • TriMed's avec l'incubateur M

    TriMed's membre du programme Power-up 5 de l'accélérateur M de Marseille - 30/03/22

    TtiMed's a été selectionné parmi les startups intégrant la nouvelle promotion 2022 du programme Power Up 5 de l'accélérateur M de Marseille qui vise à accompagner les startups dans leur ascension vers la réussite !!

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    TriMed's sur Pharmaradio lors de l'évènement PharmagoraPlus - 12/03/22

    Autour d'une table ronde avec Luc Besançon (Délégué Général - NèreS) et Stéphane Le Masson (Rédacteur en Chef - Théragora), Jean-Nicolas Vincenti (le Fondateur de TriMed's) a eu l'opportunité d'exposer les points essentiels de ce projet à la fois innovant et engagé.

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    TriMed's sur Nice-matin et Monaco-matin - 16/03/2022

    Agnès Farrugia met la lumière sur le concept TriMed's sur Nice matin et sur Monaco-matin lors d'un interview accordé à Jean-Nicolas Vincenti le 12/03/202

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    Le JT de Monacoinfo - 11/03/2022

    TriMed's est passé dans le journal de Monacoinfo en tant que l'une des 6 nouvelles startups accueillies et accompagnée par l'incubateur Monacotech

  • (Capture)

    La Gazette de Monaco - 10/03/2022

    Jean-Nicolas Vincenti est interviewé par Délia KRIEL pour l’article "TriMed’s, une plateforme anti-gaspillage de produits de santé".

  • TriMed's remporte le trophée de l'Entrepreunariat solidaire 2021

    Trophée de l'entrepreunariat solidaire 2021 remporté par le fondateur de l'entreprise TriMed's Jean-Nicolas Vincenti. Le fruit d'une volonté d'innover et d'un travail acharné.

  • La pharmacie Cap 3000 soutient TriMed's - mars 2021

    Retrouvez-nous dans l'actualité de la pharmacie CAP 3000. Une pharmacie qui "se responsabilise" et soutient notre concept.

  • On parle de nous chez la Junior Phocéenne du Médicament ! - 08 mars 2021

    Il s’agit de la Junior entreprise de la faculté de pharmacie d’Aix Marseille Université.

  • Le pharmacien Romain Lecointre teste notre plateforme

    Le pharmacien Romain Lecointre teste la plateforme TriMed's et vous donne son avis
  • TriMed's, invité de Pharmaradio - 22 mars 2021

    TriMed's était l'invité de Pharmaradio pour une épisode de "Good Morning Pharmacie!" le 22 mars 2021

  • (Capture)

    Le Quotidien du Pharmacien - 02/02/2021

    On parle de nous dans le Quotidien des pharmaciens, merci à Romain LECOINTRE pour cet entretien !

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    Circlely - 2021

  • (Capture)

    Transipharm - 2021

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Eco-responsible approach to the end!

At TriMed’s we have at heart to be coherent in all that we undertake, also, you will have understood it, in addition to optimizing your company by selling unsold goods or products arriving at expiration date, the goal is to adopt an eco-citizen approach.

This is why we have chosen Infomaniak, a green hosting company, as the host for our website.

A green host? What? The Internet does pollute?

Yes, the numbers are striking: the Internet is the 3rd largest consumer of electricity in the world and it is estimated that nearly 15% of the world’s electricity production is consumed by the Web.

But then what is a green web host?

As we know, nowadays, the Internet is developing exponentially and continues to grow. However, hosting all the websites requires a very important consumption of energy and resources. Indeed, each server (which stores the data specific to each website) needs to be powered and cooled continuously, for their proper functioning. The choice of a quality host, which also acts to reduce its carbon footprint on the environment, is therefore very important to us.

For a web host to be considered "green", in other words, eco-friendly, it must actively work to implement sustainable, eco-friendly solutions. This way, the impact on our planet is limited (or even reduced). The values of a green web host help to create a change in user behavior on a global scale.

And what about infomaniak?

At Infomaniak they think that being ecological through their attitude and being socially responsible goes perfectly with the healthy growth of a company. Since 2007 they have created an ecological charter that is part of their daily life.

Ecologically Committed Company

Their action points?

There are six: energy, their data centers, mobility, environmental and social responsibility (CSR), purchasing and waste.

  • 1) 100% renewable energy

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    For energy, this means offsetting up to 200% of the CO2 emissions generated by the company, such as: the manufacture and disposal (recycling) of servers, the production of electricity, the transportation of employees to their place of work.
    On the other hand, everything is done to reduce and optimize their energy consumption.
    This ecological approach is also reflected in the fact that 60% of their electrical energy comes from hydraulic sources and 40% from renewable energy. Their goal is to have 100% of the electricity used to supply their installations coming from renewable sources by 2025.

  • 2) Green Datacenters

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    Infomaniak only buys servers with the least energy-consuming technologies. These are selected on the basis of their low sensitivity to heat in order to favour air regulation techniques without producing cold. For example, one of their two data centers is cooled only with filtered outside air. There is therefore no air conditioning. The servers can operate at a temperature of 35°C all the time and can even go up to 45°C during 20% of the time of use. In winter, the heat released by the machines is recycled to heat the premises.
    The goal of our green host is to extend the life of its servers to reduce the amount of CO2 knowing that the old machines are reused or fully recycled. Their goal is to keep them for a minimum of 5 years.
    To finish on this point Infomaniak offers its customers a Cloud Server instead of a dedicated server. This allows several users to share the same server components while guaranteeing dedicated resources.

    Infomaniak ecological datacenters

  • 3) Eco-responsible mobility

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    Their third point of action? The mobility of their employees.
    Their employees receive a bonus based on their mode of transportation and the distance traveled to work.
    The company also has 5 bicycles and 1 electric car.
    Infomaniak encourages videoconferencing and audio-conferencing as much as possible in order to avoid business travel.
    The company does not use airplanes, and when this is not possible, the corresponding CO2 emissions are offset by 200%.

  • 4) Environmental and social responsibility (CSR)

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    In terms of environmental and social responsibility, Infomaniak affiliates its employees to a pension fund that selects its investments according to ecological and social criteria. The aim is to contribute to a sustainable economy and society.
    Our host supports some associations of nature protection and pays them each month 1% of their turnover generated by the new annual contracts: WWF, the Bruno Manser fund, Shipstern nature reserve.
    Infomaniak has been ISO 14001 certified since 2015 which means that it integrates environmental issues into its management.
    Furthermore, it will not support commercial operations that encourage overconsumption or compulsive consumption.

  • 5) Local and sustainable purchases

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    And how does it purchase?
    In the daily life of the company, this translates into the use of reusable materials (without volatile organic compounds, as well as biodegradable) for cleaning, hygiene, cooking, no disposable dishes, disposable hand towels replaced by fabric rolls.
    This green approach also includes internal communication, which is done exclusively by e-mail, and when the company must use paper, it is 100% recycled or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.
    Finally, our host privileges for its purchases the proximity and the providers adhering to the same respectful values of the environment.

  • 6) Waste

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    Once again, dematerialization is the key word: electronic archiving, invoices sent to customers only by email.
    The waste is sorted and recycled at all levels of production.
    One company collects and recycles electrical or electronic components, another company collects printer toners.
    The remaining waste is sent to a waste recovery center.

    Also in each office there is a trash can and a waste paper basket for recycling.

These are the 6 actions we need to be aware of for the well-being of all!



Envoi du Net

Our choice: Envoi du Net, a local company based in Saint-Laurent du Var, a town near our company in Nice.
In 2021, after the COVID-19, we must consume local for our territories.
Envoi du Net is a turnkey offer that brings together a complete panel of carriers within a single module.


Let’s start with DHL, we see them everywhere these yellow trucks but what do they do?
DHL is the world’s largest logistics company, based in Bonn, Germany.
The acronym "DHL" stands for the initials of founders Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn, a company established in 1969.
380,000 employees work in more than 220 countries to deliver 1,588,000,000 packages per year.
DHL is a pioneer in green logistics.

Does a green carrier exist? What is the DHL GoGreen logo?

DHL GoGreen

Their climate-neutral service GoGreen makes it possible to offset greenhouse gases by investing in internationally recognized climate protection projects.
All projects must generate "Gold Standard VER" credits.
Indeed, their Lesotho project has been certified under the new climate standards for fair trade since 2016.
Companies receive a certificate once a year with the GoGreen logo to share their commitment to the environment.
The goal is to achieve zero emissions by 2050 and to be the industry benchmark for responsible business practices.
The goal is to make logistics more environmentally friendly and sustainable, and to provide a competitive advantage.

Calculation and reporting of carbon emissions, finally some transparency!

Why not consider our more environmentally friendly multi-modal services, which have a lower environmental impact compared to a traditional air freight shipment?

We live sustainability: download the sustainability report.

And what about Chronopost?


La Poste Group, number 2 in Europe, created Chronopost in 1985, based in Paris! Nicely done, La Poste!
3900 employees work in more than 230 countries to enable the delivery of 176 million packages per year.
Chronopost is engaged in the EVE (Engagements Volontaires pour l’Environnement) program since its creation in 2018.

A program for the environment at La Poste?

Yes, moreover Chronopost receives the EVE 2020 award for 100% clean delivery in Paris.
Chronopost delivers to 17 major French cities in 100% electric vehicles, NGV (natural gas for vehicles) and cargo bikes, including Nice and Saint Laurent du Var.

- Reduction of CO2 emissions per package by 35% between 2012 and 2018
- Financing of 2 projects dedicated to the production of cleaner and renewable energy: wind energy in India and methanization / valorization in Brazil
- Efforts on the last mile through the development of local sites, with 7 urban logistics areas including Nice.

Download the Chronopost Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report.

And BioLogistic, a subsidiary of Chronopost?


Your health products are delivered under controlled temperature.
Moreover, the respect of the good practices of transport: certification ISO 9001, specific packing and conditioning, traceability of the temperatures in real time.

Let yourself be transported!


First of all, let’s start by explaining the role of the eco-organization CYCLAMED!
The mission of this non-profit association (under the French law of 1901) is to collect and recycle the expired and unused medicines brought back by patients to pharmacies.

Késako, what is the purpose, what happens to my medicines?

Your expired or unused medications produce energy!
Unused medicines are sent to about 50 Energy Recovery Units, equipped with combustion chamber with a temperature of 80-100°C.
Then, the unused medicines are incinerated and the energy released provides heat and electricity.
From a regulatory aspect, the only solution for safe disposal of unused medicines is incineration.
It is easy to understand that they must be deposited in a pharmacy in order to be recycled in the form of energy recovery, in order to light 7000-8000 homes.

And the humanitarian redistribution of unused medicines: was it good?

Since July 1, 2009, humanitarian redistribution is prohibited in France, following the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).
The risks associated with the breakdown of the pharmaceutical chain, their frequent maladjustment to the country’s needs, can be sources of misappropriation or obstacles to the implementation of national health policies.
Tulipe associations for emergency situations such as natural disasters, or International Humanitarian Pharmacy exist to date with new medicines provided by pharmaceutical laboratories.

Tips and figures to be a sorting athlete?

In 2018, 80% of French people report returning their unused human medicines, expired or not, to the pharmacy.
10,827 tons of unused medicines were collected, i.e. 162g/inhabitant.
In 2019, 78% of French people declared to bring back their unused medicines, 10,675 tons of unused medicines were collected.

What do you think about 2020 and the future?

What about communication? To sort out all together!
TV campaign with reports
Cyclamed spots on screens in pharmacies
– Radio France Info
Flyers, posters in metro stations in Paris, buses in Lyon
Young people in civic service: "The leopards of sorting" in Normandy

In January 2021, Cyclamed participates in the campaign of the Ministry of Ecological Transition with ADEME and other eco-organizations on the circular economy: Reduce, Repair, Recycle (3R)

Did you memorize everything?
Test your knowledge of sorting.

Crédit Agricole

The Crédit Agricole is the bank that has decided to trust us at TriMed’s, so all transactions will be secured via their payment platform with 3D secure authentication.

In June 2019, our bank set up nationally a device of energy transition: "the green consumer credits".
These represent 1,388 loans for over 17 million euros in Provence Côte d’Azur region alone..
Individuals can estimate their energy saving project with the free online simulator "calculeo".
In addition, some "reforest action" life insurance or pension contracts provide for the planting of a tree in certain regions of France.

Previously known as the "green bank", it is a cooperative bank that meets the needs of its members and supports the development of our territories.

The Cooperative and Territorial Pact is structured around 5 commitments:

achieve excellence in customer relations
assist the territory in a sustainable way
be a responsible employer
put their cooperative model at the service of the common good
reduce their environmental impact

Crédit Agricole has adopted a responsible purchasing policy:

• Ensure responsible behaviour with suppliers
• Integrate environmental and societal aspects into their purchases
• Increase the share of local purchases and contribute to the development of the territory
• Integrate the total life cycle of a product for its appreciation and valuation

For almost 12 years, the "Crédit Agricole Solidarité et Développement" Foundation has supported 160 projects for 2.3 million Euros.

It allows to finance initiatives in favor of the environment, sustainable development, living together and heritage:
• Sustainable development: Plastic Odyssey, SOS Grand Bleu
• Living together: HH 83
• The environment: Bee’osphera, SPLP Fund, Surfrider Foundation Europe
• The heritage: Museum of fine arts of Draguignan

Crédit Agricole also supports projects with CSR objectives:

1) Green consumer loans with the "calculeo" simulator
2) Reforestation of forests with "reforest action"
3) Commercialization of the OPC Amundi Valeurs Durables: activity related to sustainable development and mainly to the Environment
– Energy efficiency
– Water management
– Waste management
And develop renewable energies (solar, wind, geothermal…)
4) Environmental loans: zero-interest eco-loans resulting from the provisions of the Environmental Grenelle Law
5) The Sustainable Development Booklet

A mobility plan is developed:

• Bicycle mileage allowance (implemented July 2019)
• Carpooling mileage allowance (implemented July 2019)
• Electric vehicle for daily trips around its headquarters in Draguignan

Finally, the "Caisse Régionale Provence Côte d’Azur" is the only French bank certified on all its sites with ISO 5001 certification since December 2015.

Reforest Action


Pharmacists, what are you waiting for?