Because we like to surround ourselves with people to help TriMed’s evolution

Picture of Justine

Lumière Rouge Studio

– Our graphic designer and creator of the 1st version of the site

I created Lumière Rouge to support inspiring, creative and passionate entrepreneurs in the realization of their projects. To tell you the truth, I have had the idea of Lumière Rouge (Red Lights at the beginning) in my head for many years. I was working at Disneyland Paris (you may have heard of it?) and a little light bulb went on in my mind. It was there, it was present. Red Lights had lit up in red letters. After my studies (I have a DUT SRC now called Multimedia and Internet Professions and a professional license PDTA now called Communication and Valuation of Artistic Creation), I had realized a childhood dream by working for three years at the famous mouse. But I had a great need to return to my first love, my job. So here I am, offering you my services and supporting you in the visual identity of your company and the realization of your website.