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I put soon-to-expire medicines online and fight against medicine waste.

What is TriMed’s?

  • What

    Collaborative platform allowing the purchase and sale of discounted health products reaching their expiration date

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    The pharmacist buyer buys his product at a lower price, and the seller sells his product instead of throwing it away. The interest is double, it is profitable for all, it is a win-win situation. Our objective is to reduce the stock of expired products by avoiding their destruction, in an ecological approach.

  • Where


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    In a city pharmacy, in a hospital pharmacy, in a clinic, in pharmaceutical establishements.
    In your city, your department, your region, your country, your world.
    It is up to us to think and preserve our future and our planet for our descendants and the children of the world, in an eco-citizen approach.

  • When

    Without delay

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    It is necessary to act before the expiry date, at least 1 month before to encourage the recirculation of products, and avoid this waste.

    630 million euros of unsold products are destroyed each year, including 180 million euros of hygiene and beauty products, 49 million euros of textiles and shoes and 10 million euros of unsold products are to this day collected each year. Most of the unsold products are buried and incinerated.

    We are living and consuming beyond the planet’s resources. Because of this overconsumption, the Overshoot Day is only moving forward, according to the WWF.

    Contribute as quickly as possible to reduce the carbon footprint and fight global warming.

    Why wait any longer to reduce our environmental impacts?

  • How

    Registration on

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    Promote an innovation and CSR approach according to the law of 10 February 2020 on the fight against waste and the circular economy.

    Promote an economy of functionality through the strengthening of the social link with your colleagues and the collective awareness.

  • How much

    Analyze the stock of your products reaching the expiration date

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    Analyze the stock of your products reaching the expiration date

    The products concerned may be those with an expiry date: they include food supplements, OTC (Over The Counter) products, open access products, parapharmacy products, Medical Devices (MD), veterinary products, homeopathy, aromatherapy, oligotherapy, all medicines: everything sold by pharmacists

    Promote responsible consumption through efficient management of unsold products

    Recycling saves energy and reduces CO2 emisions: it avoids the equivalent of 20 million tons of CO2 every year in France.

  • Why

    Earning money in an environmental approach

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    Earning money in an environmental approach

    Reuse and reutilization of health products: anti-waste

    Extend the life of products by avoiding destruction and incineration

    Convey an eco-responsible image to your customers, employees and suppliers

    More and more employees are looking for meaning in their work, especially the purpose within the attitude of their company is increasingly important

    The consumer is led to adopt a more responsible behavior, it is to encourage the companies throughout the distribution chain, to adopt a more environmentally friendly approach.

    I want the waste of health products to have as much impact as the waste of food.

    Food losses and waste represent 10 million tons of products per year, with an estimated commercial value of 16 billion euros.

    If food waste were a country, it would be the 3rd biggest polluter in the world, in terms of CO2 emissions, behind China and the United States.

    And what do you think about health products?

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How does it work?

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    I log in: Congratulations, you are already helping to reduce CO2 emissions

    I register: Access your marketplace to find your expiring health products at unbeatable prices

  • I put online medicines that are about to expire or I buy some

    Sell all your unsold products, reduce your stock, and above all do not lose money

    Buy cheaper, get access to all products and above all earn money

  • I fight against waste: My cart

    I validate my cart: I avoid the destruction and incineration of health products, I do something for the planet

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